This Notice on Personal Data is issued pursuant to the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”) to all individuals dealing with KCSB (“Relevant Person(s)”), from whom personal data have been and/or may in future be collected. The term “personal data” refers to information relating directly or indirectly to the Relevant Persons from which they can be identified or are identifiable and includes any sensitive personal data and expression of opinion about them.


Collection of personal data in order to provide or offer to provide the Relevant Persons with facilities/services/products from KCSB, it is necessary for the Relevant Persons to supply KCSB with personal data on themselves or persons named in the Relevant Persons’ application or proposal for the facilities/services/products. Such personal data which may be collected from the Relevant Persons include the Relevant Persons’ name, NRIC number/passport number (if the Relevant Person is not a Malaysian), address(es), email address, contact numbers, employment information, financial information, personal information including medical information, information on the Relevant Persons’ immediate relatives and personal information about such immediate relatives and where applicable, information on the Relevant Persons’ directors, shareholders, authorized signatories or such other persons specified by KCSB in connection with the provision of the facilities/services/products, which includes personal information about such persons.


Such personal data may be provided by the Relevant Persons or the Relevant Persons’ beneficiary(ies) or may be obtained by KCSB from publicly available sources, from existing KCSB records, from any medical or health professionals or establishments or laboratories, from any credit reference agency or from any other sources as KCSB considers appropriate.

Consequences of not providing personal data If the Relevant Persons do not provide the personal data which KCSB has advised as mandatory or required to be given, this may result in KCSB being unable to provide the facilities/services/products applied for or proposed.